Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Rust-Tex Studio Got Set Up Today, YEAH!!!

The weather today was way too nice for me to be working in my cold, damp Wisconsin basement studio. I NEEDED to be outside. So I spent most of the day moving the equipment I need for rust dye from its winter storage place in the garage to the Rust-Tex Dye Studio, (okay to most of the world it is just a deck but humor me and let me call it the Rust-Tex Dye Studio).
This first picture is an over view of the Rust-Tex Dye Studio. The rest of the pictures show close ups of different places in the studio with explanations of the important things pictured. Here is a close up of what I always keep on the table. Spray bottles of water, vinegar, and tannin, a plastic gallon bottle with a handle to pour water on bottles wrapped up to make trees, or mesa or galaxies, the container of "sludge", measuring cups and spoons, and a table top garbage bucket.

Here are the bottles and copper wire I use for bottle wraps. I can't wait to use that big blue wine bottle. I sometime feel the need to add to my repertoire.

Here are the metal shelves someone put out in their trash last summer and I dragged home much to my DH's chagrin. I knew I needed a set of shelves and I didn't mind a bit that the metal shelves were rusty. They hold rust dust, rust flakes, new and used coffee filters, weights, clamps, and rubber bands. All the things I need to keep handy for rust dyeing. The shelves also provide a leaning place for the foot from a claw-footed bathtub someone once gave me for rust dyeing.

Here is where I filter rust dust from the first rinse of bottle wrap fabrics. And below the picnic bench are the iron pots that I use when dyeing stuff black.

And finally here are the things I set up today. come back tomorrow and see what I got!!!

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Liz said...

This looks great, Lois - you are so organised! I can't wait to see how those pieces turn out.