Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Vacation

I dyed several silk scarves on Friday and rinsed them out on Saturday. (This picture is not them. It was too windy to take any pictures on Saturday. But I thought you'd like to see this one.) I decided the scarves had WAY too much white space and needed to be over dyed. I really should take better notes of what works. That way each time the season starts I am not straining my brain to recall what works and what doesn't.

Sunday, after church we drove to the In-Law's, spent the night and came back Monday. YD and DH had the day off. There was no rust dyeing on those days for me. I did set out several bottle wraps on Saturday. They are taking much longer than the ones I started last week because the temperature dropped 10-20 degrees. These might actually take the entire week instead of three days!!!

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