Friday, April 14, 2006

Why I didn't post yesterday

I didn't post yesterday because...I had just finished getting the photos ready for posting when my youngest daughter comes into my basement studio and asks me to come outside and watch the weather with her. Then my dear husband calls down that I better turn off my computer as there is a BIG storm approaching. So I turned off my computer and went outside with YD and DH to watch the weather. It was amazing. We sat on the porch and saw lighting all around but heard no thunder. The only thing we heard was one of the neighbors playing their violin outside. After 15-20 minutes of this we heard a loud windy noise. After the tornado came through this neighborhood two years ago we are cautious of loud windy noises. Then we heard cracking tree branches and then things hitting the house. DH said it was debris, so we RAN to the basement. It turned out it wasn't a tornado, it was hail. Great big hail!!!

Each piece was being hurtled toward the earth. I was afraid it was going to break the bottle wraps on the deck, my so called dye studio. They came through ok.What did break was my favorite plastic pan. YD says I can get another. We will see. I had to go to a lot of garage sailing to get that one!!!
So the Rust-Tex photos are all ready I'll try to get them up later today.

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