Thursday, April 20, 2006

Finished Fabric

Here is the promised "Stormy Skies" piece all washed and ironed. The 11 silk scarves are wash and ironed too! And there are 6 more setting out in the dye studio (my deck) overnight.
It may or may not rain later tonight. I am hoping it will. Tomorrow starts the garage sale season here in Madison. DH and I are all ready to go. Rain in the morning will dampen our spirits but it won't keep us from going. We find it just keeps the crowds down.
I will be looking for some replacement cookie sheets. They just don't last my entire rust dyeing season. (April- early October). As the iron oxide molecules move from the cookie sheet to bond with the cloth molecules it makes cookie sheet...go away. I know I need to replace one, as the hail last week punched some holes in the rustiest one. The second rustiest one got heavy use this week.
To anyone else garage sailing this week-end happy hunting!

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