Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Scarf, The Steel Wool Pad and The Copper Wire

Once upon a time there was a plain white silk scarf. It wanted to be a beautiful color with interesting patterning on it. It went down to the local tavern and while it was drowning itself in pity and wine it was befriended by a steel wool pad and some copper wire.
They all became pretty drunk and began to dance with the empty wine bottle. When they woke up they were all tightly bound together and doused in vinegar.
They sat bound this way for several days.
When the silk scarf was finally able to free itself from the copper wire it found itself transformed into a richly patterned golden color. It was the happiest scarf in the world and live in contentment the rest of it's life.


Anonymous said...
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Robyne Melia aka Bobby La said...

This is truly beautiful! I have a friend who lay a dead bird on some silk and got a beautiful, warm patina, a bit similar.