Monday, March 17, 2008

Aforementioned Commission

In my last post I mentioned that I took advantage of the peaceful setting of the Siena Center to work on my latest commission. Here is what I am dealing with:
Yes those things coming out of the "Happy Birthday" box are scarves! I actually accepted a commission to make a wall hanging out of someone's grandma's scarves. Many of my fiber art friends expressed gladness that they do not have to try to make head and tales of this mishmash of patterns and textures. In the 35 years I have been making quilts, I have accepted many commissions: some for restoration of antique quilts, some to finish a quilt someone had started many years ago (UFO), some t-shirts quilts and way too many for traditional quilts. Now I don't take a commission unless it will challenge me. This one is truly challenging!!!
Here are a few of the preliminary layouts:

And here is what I finally ended up with for the blocks and the final border idea:Now all I have to do is machine crazy quilt stitching on these 4 blocks, sew the borders on, machine quilt it, bind it, and put a sleeve on it by April 1.
Stay tuned!!!

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