Monday, March 31, 2008

More about Icy Dyeing

The muffin cups totally emerged from the snow pile on Sunday!
I moved them to a place where water would drip into the muffin cups from the melting snow pile and keep them wet. Keeping the fabric wet is an important part of the rust dyeing process. In the summer I go out side a couple of times a day to check on this. I spray water from a squirt bottle if I think the fabric looks like it is drying out. If you can't be home to check on the moisture level put your rust dyeing in a plastic bag.This morning I found the rain that started Sunday night washed away the cave and the muffin cups were just sitting there on the deck. So I tucked them into an even deeper cave.
Last time I posted, I mentioned that one muffin cup bundle looked very white and frozen. It turns out that one is a woven linen damask. I am not sure why it is not dyeing as well as the cotton. My theory is that the sidewalk salt is not REAL salt but some other chemical compound that is not providing the right catalyst for linen. Or maybe linen just needs a warmer temperature range to make it work.It has been raining all day so I expect this will be the end of the ice dyeing season. Unless I want to tackle the BIG pile of snow in the Rust-Tex Studio Annex. If you want to talk to my family about the Annex, you should refer to it as the patio or they might not know what you are talking about.

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