Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Travel Scarf 5

The pictures I am posting are not of snow and ice which is what they would be if I took them today in Madison, WI. They are pictures of warmer days, pictures from my summer vacation. One of the ports that the cruise ship stopped at was Corfu in Greece. We walked all over looking for the word Corfu, either raised up of carved into something, so we could add it to travel scarves. We finally gave up and returned to the center of town where we were to catch a bus back to the ship, and there very close to the buses, we spotted these bronze plaques of various cities in Greece with the name of the city carved into marble beneath the plaque, in Greek!!!You can see the buses in the background of this pictureHere is the rubbing on my scarf
This last picture shows me cleaning the marble before we left. It didn't happen everywhere but sometimes the paintstick left marks on the thing we did a rubbing of. We tried to be conscientious about not leaving marks behind.

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