Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Reminder of my Summer Vacation

One of the trips offered by the cruise line I was on this summer was a swim to the hot springs near Santorini, Greece. My friend, I and 60 other people had to get off a small excursion boat into cold sea water. As we swam 50 yards toward the cove where the hot springs were we could feel the water warming up. The water in the cove had a VERY high iron content so all the plastic bags that had washed into the cove were naturally dyed with iron oxide. I was so excited to see that the iron had dyed the plastic bags that I had to bring one back with me. I needed my hands to swim back to the excursion boat so I stuffed it under my swim suit. Here is a picture of my trophy. I am off to another quilting retreat Monday-Wednesday.
I will post more adventures in rust dyeing when I get back.

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