Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Many people were talking online about dyeing Easter eggs ala Martha Stewart. I tried it and it worked pretty well even though I forgot to put in the white vinegar.
Basically what you do is wrap a raw egg in a piece of an old silk tie. Wrap white cotton around it to hold it in place, using a twist tie to hold the cotton tightly around the egg. Then boil the whole thing for 20 minutes. Unwrap the bundles and viola dyed eggs!!!
For display only!!! Do not eat!!! The first picture shows the variety of silks I had. Notice that gold one. It didn't work at all!!!
Here are some of the sweet little bundles waiting for the rest of their friends.
Here they are in the hot tub together.
You let them cool in the pot before you unwrap them.
This little tie stained more than the egg.
This egg turned out to be the best one, meaning it had the cleanest transfer of image. I think it might be because it was such a tiny print.
Below you can see the plate of finished eggs. The white one was wrapped in the gold colored cloth that I pointed out in the first picture.

I will be looking for ties with small dark prints at garage sales this summer. The season usually starts around April 15, right after the United States income taxes are due.

I wonder how my muffin cup bundles are doing out in the snow pile while the snow is falling again today? We only need 3/8 of an inch to bring the season total to 100".


Sandra said...

Thanks for posting these great pics of the process. I just remembered some old silk tie fabric that I'll have to try next Easter. Does it only work with silk fabric and does it ruin the fabric?

Lois Jarvis said...

The silk pieces that I used seem to be just as bright as before I used them. I have not washed them or compared them with the orginal fabric. hummmm....maybe that will be my blog post later today.