Friday, August 04, 2006

Latest Mono Print Scarf

I finally got around to using the iron grates I bought way back in May. I posted a picture of them on May 24, 2006. Once the paint was stripped off and they were allowed to properly age (get covered with naturally occurring iron oxide), I started using them in different set-ups, some were more successful than others. This week, I think I figured out the best way to use them.
The top picture shows the set up and the bottom one shows the finished scarf. Yes that is an old cafeteria tray. And yes the grates are propped up on the edges to give me more room to for the rest of the scarf.
I just love those black lines on this scarf.


Liz said...

That's an impressive scarf, Lois! I love the way you've got the two colours in it...

jenclair said...

Just beautiful!