Thursday, August 03, 2006

Recipe for Grilled Steel Fish

At the Big River Forge and Ironworks in Lansing, IA, they cut fish from steel plate and use them to make things like this:
When I saw those fish I thought of a different recipe.
Put a steel fish on a cast iron grill and cover it with a piece of cotton cloth.
Sprinkle some salt on it, spray on some water and let the whole thing sit on the picnic table for a few hours on a hot day .

When it is a nice golden color around the edges rinse off the salt and water. Then iron it until it is flat and smooth.

I think it looks yummy, (but then I have strong cravings for fiber.)


Susan said...

Wow that is cool! When someone posted your new url to the group, I was wondering why rust dying is, and if this is a good example, it's great stuff! Do you have to treat it in any way to make it permanent, or does the salt + pressing do that?

Lois Jarvis said...

You really have to wash the salt out with a little synathropl. See for more details.