Thursday, August 31, 2006

Studio Portrait

This is how the Rust-Tex studio usually looks.
This is how it looked at 5 pm today.
This is, I am not moving, just having a garage sale.
Our neighborhood is having a community wide sale and I want to get in on the added traffic. In preparation, I moved the picnic table and benches to the garage to hold merchandise.
So, no rust dyeing for me, for the next few days. However, I am expecting it to be really hot next week when the kids here start back to school in un-airconditioned buildings.


Joei said...

So nice to see *real* people doing fabulous work in "perfect studio" surroundings =-) I *love* to work outdoors.
Got a question (before my CD arrives) I started some metal filings and some rusty pieces in an old cast iron skillet outside yesterday. Suppose to rain, rain, rain (thanks to hurricane left overs). Do I cover my skillet? I'm presuming I don't want to dilute my vinegar and salt solution.
Rhode Island
(My husband giggled about the fish, too. He really is supportive of my endevors)

Lois Jarvis said...

Let nature take it's course and see what happens!!! There might be something special in that hurricane rain. Or cover it. Now it is your turn to be creative.
Is there some cloth in your skillet? Or are you making "iron water", which is sometimes used in natural dyeing. I filter iron water to reclaim rust dust that I later use to make Stormy Skies fabrics. I think hurricane enhanced rust dust for Stormy Skies fabric might add something magical! (At the very least, in telling what the fabric was dyed with.)Later,

Joei said...

Hope your garage sale did well and you made extra $ to buy (or traded up) rusty objects d'art.
Just finished looking at the CD and have lots of ideas...I'm a felter and plan on trying wool fibers and felt as well as cotton and silk fabric.
Thanks so much for sharing your work. I'm looking forward to beautiful colors of rust AND sumac now. Can't wait to start!
Rhode Island
PS the hurrican fabric was silk and is drying =-)