Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Too Much Fun

I just had to share this message that came with an order for the Rust-Tex instructional CD today.
"My husband thinks you have too much time on your hands to think up 'roasting' metal fish on a rusty grill. I think you have a fantastic creative brain. =-) Can't wait to rust."
The thing her husband doesn't get is that I DON'T have enough time to deal with all the interesting rusty things in the world. That is why I wrote the CD. I am having TOO MUCH FUN. I want everyone in the world to use this method of making marks on fabric cause it is easy and fun.
Rust-Tex Report for Today:
It finally stopped raining here and I got the trees fabrics properly rinsed out. I thought the rain would rinse them but I guess it never rained hard enough to do that. Mostly we had intermittent light showers and high humidity. What happened is the black lines that form along the copper wire became much darker and wider. I guess there was enough metal molecules there to keep on rusting.

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