Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fabric From the Forge

Here is a picture of the fabric I dyed while on retreat this week-end using the stuff from the Big River Forge. The fabric I started with is a commercially dyed flannel that is already that nice daub color you see. The reason I posted this bit of dyed area is to show how the rust dyeing process caused some of the commercial dye to bleach out, giving more shades of color to the fabric. The dark area on the right is my shadow from taking the picture.
While looking through my stock the other day I noticed I had no gray fat eights. So yesterday I set out several of them as well as a fish cut out from the bottom of the plasma cutter at the Forge and a mono print scarf.
Even though the heat wave continues, I should have fun today rinsing fabrics. I tend to splash around a lot and get my shoes wet even when I am being careful.

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